Fulfillment and Distribution

Fulfillment and Distribution

Fulfillment and Distribution

Our fulfilment and distribution services can alleviate administrative tasks, enabling you to focus on marketing your company.

  • Online company store fulfilment
  • E-commerce
  • Business-to-business & business-to-consumer
  • Custom packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Warehouse storage
  • Courier services
  • 24/7 on-call support

We have the capabilities to receive, house and distribute your product worldwide. Our full-service distribution center can fulfil your branded merchandise needs as well as any other product or inventory need. Whether launching an online company store, a fulfilment program or if you just need storage, we can provide a customized solution.

Store Fulfillment

Online Store Fulfillment

Our fulfilment and distribution center is not only a component of your online company store, it is also a valuable resource at your disposal. Whether you want a custom kit assembled, need to include a collateral piece, or need to make sure a last-minute rush order ships, our warehouse managers are immediately available to address your needs and concerns.

  • We do everything. Right from receiving the order to quality control and dispatching it. Everything is taken care by our team of highly qualified professionals.
  • Team Consortium over the past 6 years has become a crucial partner for many internet companies like, & We understand how crucial logistics, timely implementation and products being delivered in excellent condition are to the success of an e-store. Rest assured our in house packing and dispatch team along with a tie up with the best courier companies in the country has this aspect covered from every angle.
  • Our Noida facility provides for in house warehousing, print, quality control, packing and dispatch. A service that practically no other company can provide.
E-Commerce Store

Custom Design for your store

We have a very large number on templates that you can choose from and further can also customise the site to have the same look and feel as your current web site. Our highly experienced team will take you through the entire process and help you come up with a solution that is just right for your organisation.

Varieties of Product Options and Easy Product Management
We provide unlimited options of products to meet the requirements of our customers. We categorize our products according to the price, weight and stock level. We provides the varieties of products in size, color and shape. We imposes no rules on how to manage the products. It was created according to you:-
  • Call For Pricing module
  • Catalogue Only module
  • Unlimited extra attributes per product
  • Pre-order and Backorder support
  • Over 100 inventory fields
  • Real time shipping quotes per product
  • Enable free shipping
  • Product bundle functionality
Mobile-Friendly website
We design all mobile-friendly websites through follow a new design approach to meet the standard of our customers. Our approach focus on increasing the effectiveness of websites to provide the additional features. We add content management tools, accordion-style navigation system, integrating news, blog feeds and site managers. Features of our mobile-friendly websites :
  • Less content, more impact
  • Navigational capabilities
  • Design for touchscreen
  • Photo galleries
  • Search filtering and sorting
  • Accordion-style navigation system
Flexible Payment Options
We provide the multiple flexible payment plans for our customers. We have more than 60 pre-integrated gateways such as ATOM,EBS etc
  • Integrated with ATOM and EBS Express
  • Automatic recurring payment plans
  • Offer Invoice term
  • Triggered payments and recurring payments
  • Receipt single or multiple payments
  • Batch payment processing
Product Reviews and Social Sharing
We provide the feature of product review in all websites to allow the customers to give feed back about our products. This feedback is important for us to understand their expectation and to know about how much they satisfied from our company. Customers also have an option to share the products in social networking sites such as facebook,twitter etc, which helps to get more trafficking on site.

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