How it Works

CBS Brand & offered

Brands and Products offered

The products that we'll offer your company will be an eclectic mix of products ranging from branded apparel from Puma, accessories from S&N, bags from Benetton & writing instruments from sheaffer. We'll further offer a host of customized products like pen drives, coffee mugs, bags, key chains, and lots of other memorabilia that will keep all your channel partners and associates coming back for more.


CBS Orders

  • The entire inventory that will make up your e-store will be carried at our warehouse. We will offer a selection of between 20-30 different products and carry between 50-500 units for each of these products.
  • All the orders that are placed will be shipped by our logistics fulfillment team in timelines ranging from 1 -3 days.
  • All the products that make up your e-store will be manufactured or imported by us.
  • The products will first be approved by your corporate communications or marketing team and only then taken into production.
CBS Pricing

Price for setting up your store

  • Zero!!! Unbelievable ... but TRUE. Unlike other companies that have been in this space previously we're asking for no signing up fee, no development fee & no deposit.
  • We believe that this initiative will offer exceptional value to all our clients and will be a great way to further grow the relationship that Consortium Gifts enjoys with over 200+ clients across the country.
  • We are looking at a tie up for a minimum period of 2 years with any company that we tie up with. During this time we'll go from product selection to approval and implementation.
Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and Logistics

  • Consortium Gifts in the past 6 months has become a crucial supplier for many internet companies like,,, and 30 more of India’s best e-commerce companies.
  • We understand how crucial logistics, timely implementation and products being delivered in excellent condition are to the success of an e-store. Rest assured our in house packing and dispatch team along with a tie up with the best courier companies in the country has this aspect covered from every angle.
  • Our Noida facility provides for in house warehousing, print, quality control, packing and dispatch. A facility that practically no other company can provide.
  • The products that we offer will be reviewed every quarter and new products will be introduced as well. We'll also offer reports to companies on best selling /most ordered products and this will allow your marketing team to get a feel of what the customer likes best.
  • The prices on offer will make buying online on the an excellent proposition, prices on renowned brands will be as mush as 65% off on the MRP and Consortium Gifts will offer great deals on other customized products that can normally only be arrived upon by buying hundreds of that particular item.
  • We'll also offer bulk deals in case your company’s marketing team or a particular dealer wants to run a campaign or promotion. This can all be done seamlessly through our online platform.

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